7:1<Shiggaion of David; a song which he made to the Lord, about the words of Cush the Benjamite.> O Lord my God, I put my faith in you; take me out of the hands of him who is cruel to me, and make me free;
7:2So that he may not come rushing on my soul like a lion, wounding it, while there is no one to be my saviour.
7:3O Lord my God, if I have done this; if my hands have done any wrong;
7:4If I have given back evil to him who did evil to me, or have taken anything from him who was against me without cause;
7:5Let my hater go after my soul and take it; let my life be crushed to the earth, and my honour into the dust. (Selah.)
7:6Come up, Lord, in your wrath; be lifted up against my haters; be awake, my God, give orders for the judging.
7:7The meeting of the nations will be round you; take your seat, then, over them, on high.
7:8The Lord will be judge of the peoples; give a decision for me, O Lord, because of my righteousness, and let my virtue have its reward.
7:9O let the evil of the evil-doer come to an end, but give strength to the upright: for men's minds and hearts are tested by the God of righteousness.
7:10God, who is the saviour of the upright in heart, is my breastplate.
7:11God is the judge of the upright, and is angry with the evil-doers every day.
7:12If a man is not turned from his evil, he will make his sword sharp; his bow is bent and ready.
7:13He has made ready for him the instruments of death; he makes his arrows flames of fire.
7:14That man is a worker of evil; the seed of wrongdoing has given birth to deceit.
7:15He has made a hole deep in the earth, and is falling into the hole which he has made
7:16His wrongdoing will come back to him, and his violent behaviour will come down on his head.
7:17I will give praise to the Lord for his righteousness; I will make a song to the name of the Lord Most High.