59:1<To the chief music-maker; put to At-tashheth. Michtam. Of David. When Saul sent, and they were watching the house, to put him to death.> Take me out of the hands of the cruel ones, O my God; keep me safe from those who come up against me.
59:2Take me out of the power of the workers of evil, and keep me safe from the men of blood.
59:3For see, they are watching in secret for my soul; the strong have come together against me? but not because of my sin, or my evil-doing, O Lord.
59:4For no sin of mine they go quickly and get themselves ready; be awake and come to my help, and see.
59:5You, O Lord God of armies, are the God of Israel; come now and give punishment to the nations; have no mercy on any workers of deceit. (Selah.)
59:6They come back in the evening; they make a noise like a dog, and go round the town.
59:7See, hate is dropping from their lips; curses are on their tongues: they say, Who gives attention to it?
59:8But you are laughing at them, O Lord; you will make sport of all the nations.
59:9O my strength, I will put my hope in you; because God is my strong tower.
59:10The God of my mercy will go before me: God will let me see my desire effected on my haters.
59:11Put them not to death, for so my people will keep the memory of them: let them be sent in all directions by your power; make them low, O Lord our saviour.
59:12Because of the sin of their mouths and the word of their lips, let them even be taken in their pride; and for their curses and their deceit,
59:13Put an end to them in your wrath, put an end to them, so that they may not be seen again; let them see that God is ruling in Jacob and to the ends of the earth. (Selah.)
59:14And in the evening let them come back, and make a noise like a dog, and go round the town.
59:15Let them go wandering up and down in search of food, and be there all night if they have not enough.
59:16But I will make songs of your power; yes, I will give cries of joy for your mercy in the morning; because you have been my strength and my high tower in the day of my trouble.
59:17To you, O my strength, will I make my song: because God is my high tower, even the God of my mercy.