17:1<A Prayer. Of David.> Let my cause come to your ears, O Lord, give attention to my cry; give ear to my prayer which goes not out from false lips.
17:2Be my judge; for your eyes see what is right.
17:3You have put my heart to the test, searching me in the night; you have put me to the test and seen no evil purpose in me; I will keep my mouth from sin.
17:4As for the works of men, by the word of your lips I have kept myself from the ways of the violent.
17:5I have kept my feet in your ways, my steps have not been turned away.
17:6My cry has gone up to you, for you will give me an answer, O God: let your ear be turned to me, and give attention to my words.
17:7Make clear the wonder of your mercy, O saviour of those who put their faith in your right hand, from those who come out against them.
17:8Keep me as the light of your eyes, covering me with the shade of your wings,
17:9From the evil-doers who are violent to me, and from those who are round me, desiring my death.
17:10They are shut up in their fat: with their mouths they say words of pride.
17:11They have made a circle round our steps: their eyes are fixed on us, forcing us down to the earth;
17:12Like a lion desiring its food, and like a young lion waiting in secret places.
17:13Up! Lord, come out against him, make him low, with your sword be my saviour from the evil-doer.
17:14With your hand, O Lord, from men, even men of the world, whose heritage is in this life, and whom you make full with your secret wealth: they are full of children; after their death their offspring take the rest of their goods.
17:15As for me, I will see your face in righteousness: when I am awake it will be joy enough for me to see your form.