14:1Wisdom is building her house, but the foolish woman is pulling it down with her hands.
14:2He who goes on his way in righteousness has before him the fear of the Lord; but he whose ways are twisted gives him no honour.
14:3In the mouth of the foolish man is a rod for his back, but the lips of the wise will keep them safe.
14:4Where there are no oxen, their food-place is clean; but much increase comes through the strength of the ox.
14:5A true witness does not say what is false, but a false witness is breathing out deceit.
14:6The hater of authority, searching for wisdom, does not get it; but knowledge comes readily to the open-minded man.
14:7Go away from the foolish man, for you will not see the lips of knowledge.
14:8The wisdom of the man of good sense makes his way clear; but the unwise behaviour of the foolish is deceit.
14:9In the tents of those hating authority there is error, but in the house of the upright man there is grace.
14:10No one has knowledge of a man's grief but himself; and a strange person has no part in his joy.
14:11The house of the sinner will be overturned, but the tent of the upright man will do well.
14:12There is a way which seems straight before a man, but its end is the ways of death.
14:13Even while laughing the heart may be sad; and after joy comes sorrow.
14:14He whose heart is turned away will have the reward of his ways in full measure; but a good man will have the reward of his doings.
14:15The simple man has faith in every word, but the man of good sense gives thought to his footsteps.
14:16The wise man, fearing, keeps himself from evil; but the foolish man goes on in his pride, with no thought of danger.
14:17He who is quickly angry will do what is foolish, but the man of good sense will have quiet.
14:18Foolish behaviour is the heritage of the simple, but men of good sense are crowned with knowledge.
14:19The knees of the evil are bent before the good; and sinners go down in the dust at the doors of the upright.
14:20The poor man is hated even by his neighbour, but the man of wealth has numbers of friends.
14:21He who has no respect for his neighbour is a sinner, but he who has pity for the poor is happy.
14:22Will not the designers of evil come into error? But mercy and good faith are for the designers of good.
14:23In all hard work there is profit, but talk only makes a man poor.
14:24Their wisdom is a crown to the wise, but their foolish behaviour is round the head of the unwise.
14:25A true witness is the saviour of lives; but he who says false things is a cause of deceit.
14:26For him in whose heart is the fear of the Lord there is strong hope: and his children will have a safe place.
14:27The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, by which one may be turned from the nets of death.
14:28A king's glory is in the number of his people: and for need of people a ruler may come to destruction.
14:29He who is slow to be angry has great good sense; but he whose spirit is over-quick gives support to what is foolish.
14:30A quiet mind is the life of the body, but envy is a disease in the bones.
14:31He who is hard on the poor puts shame on his Maker; but he who has mercy on those who are in need gives him honour.
14:32The sinner is overturned in his evil-doing, but the upright man has hope in his righteousness.
14:33Wisdom has her resting-place in the mind of the wise, but she is not seen among the foolish.
14:34By righteousness a nation is lifted up, but sin is a cause of shame to the peoples.
14:35The king has pleasure in a servant who does wisely, but his wrath is against him who is a cause of shame.