38:1And the Lord made answer to Job out of the storm-wind, and said,
38:2Who is this who makes the purpose of God dark by words without knowledge?
38:3Get your strength together like a man of war; I will put questions to you, and you will give me the answers.
38:4Where were you when I put the earth on its base? Say, if you have knowledge.
38:5By whom were its measures fixed? Say, if you have wisdom; or by whom was the line stretched out over it?
38:6On what were its pillars based, or who put down its angle-stone,
38:7When the morning stars made songs together, and all the sons of the gods gave cries of joy?
38:8Or where were you when the sea came to birth, pushing out from its secret place;
38:9When I made the cloud its robe, and put thick clouds as bands round it,
38:10Ordering a fixed limit for it, with locks and doors;
38:11And said, So far you may come, and no farther; and here the pride of your waves will be stopped?
38:12Have you, from your earliest days, given orders to the morning, or made the dawn conscious of its place;
38:13So that it might take a grip of the skirts of the earth, shaking all the evil-doers out of it?
38:14It is changed like wet earth under a stamp, and is coloured like a robe;
38:15And from the evil-doers their light is kept back, and the arm of pride is broken.
38:16Have you come into the springs of the sea, walking in the secret places of the deep?
38:17Have the doors of death been open to you, or have the door-keepers of the dark ever seen you?
38:18Have you taken note of the wide limits of the earth? Say, if you have knowledge of it all.
38:19Which is the way to the resting-place of the light, and where is the store-house of the dark;
38:20So that you might take it to its limit, guiding it to its house?
38:21No doubt you have knowledge of it, for then you had come to birth, and the number of your days is great.
38:22Have you come into the secret place of snow, or have you seen the store-houses of the ice-drops,
38:23Which I have kept for the time of trouble, for the day of war and fighting?
38:24Which is the way to the place where the wind is measured out, and the east wind sent out over the earth?
38:25By whom has the way been cut for the flowing of the rain, and the flaming of the thunder;
38:26Causing rain to come on a land where no man is living, on the waste land which has no people;
38:27To give water to the land where there is waste and destruction, and to make the dry land green with young grass?
38:28Has the rain a father? or who gave birth to the drops of night mist?
38:29Out of whose body came the ice? and who gave birth to the cold mist of heaven?
38:30The waters are joined together, hard as a stone, and the face of the deep is covered.
38:31Are the bands of the Pleiades fixed by you, or are the cords of Orion made loose?
38:32Do you make Mazzaroth come out in its right time, or are the Bear and its children guided by you?
38:33Have you knowledge of the laws of the heavens? did you give them rule over the earth?
38:34Is your voice sent up to the cloud, so that you may be covered by the weight of waters?
38:35Do you send out the thunder-flames, so that they may go, and say to you, Here we are?
38:36Who has put wisdom in the high clouds, or given knowledge to the lights of the north?
38:37By whose wisdom are the clouds numbered, or the water-skins of the heavens turned to the earth,
38:38When the earth becomes hard as metal, and is joined together in masses?
38:39Do you go after food for the she-lion, or get meat so that the young lions may have enough,
38:40When they are stretched out in their holes, and are waiting in the brushwood?
38:41Who gives in the evening the meat he is searching for, when his young ones are crying to God; when the young lions with loud noise go wandering after their food?