37:1At this my heart is shaking; it is moved out of its place.
37:2Give ear to the rolling noise of his voice; to the hollow sound which goes out of his mouth.
37:3He sends it out through all the heaven, and his thunder-flame to the ends of the earth.
37:4After it a voice is sounding, thundering out the word of his power; he does not keep back his thunder-flames; from his mouth his voice is sounding.
37:5He does wonders, more than may be searched out; great things of which we have no knowledge;
37:6For he says to the snow, Make the earth wet; and to the rain-storm, Come down.
37:7He puts an end to the work of every man, so that all may see his work.
37:8Then the beasts go into their holes, and take their rest.
37:9Out of its place comes the storm-wind, and the cold out of its store-houses.
37:10By the breath of God ice is made, and the wide waters are shut in.
37:11The thick cloud is weighted with thunder-flame, and the cloud sends out its light;
37:12And it goes this way and that, round about, turning itself by his guiding, to do whatever he gives orders to be done, on the face of his world of men,
37:13For a rod, or for a curse, or for mercy, causing it to come on the mark.
37:14Give ear to this, O Job, and keep quiet in your place; and take note of the wonders worked by God.
37:15Have you knowledge of God's ordering of his works, how he makes the light of his cloud to be seen?
37:16Have you knowledge of the balancings of the clouds, the wonders of him who has all wisdom?
37:17You, whose clothing is warm, when the earth is quiet because of the south wind,
37:18Will you, with him, make the skies smooth, and strong as a polished looking-glass?
37:19Make clear to me what we are to say to him; we are unable to put our cause before him, because of the dark.
37:20How may he have knowledge of my desire for talk with him? or did any man ever say, May destruction come on me?
37:21And now the light is not seen, for it is dark because of the clouds; but a wind comes, clearing them away.
37:22A bright light comes out of the north; God's glory is greatly to be feared.
37:23There is no searching out of the Ruler of all: his strength and his judging are great; he is full of righteousness, doing no wrong.
37:24For this cause men go in fear of him; he has no respect for any who are wise in heart.