26:1Then Job made answer and said,
26:2How have you given help to him who has no power! how have you been the salvation of the arm which has no strength!
26:3How have you given teaching to him who has no wisdom, and fully made clear true knowledge!
26:4To whom have your words been said? and whose spirit came out from you?
26:5The shades in the underworld are shaking; the waters and those living in them.
26:6The underworld is uncovered before him, and Destruction has no veil.
26:7By his hand the north is stretched out in space, and the earth is hanging on nothing.
26:8By him the waters are shut up in his thick clouds, and the cloud does not give way under them.
26:9By him the face of his high seat is veiled, and his cloud stretched out over it.
26:10By him a circle is marked out on the face of the waters, to the limits of the light and the dark.
26:11The pillars of heaven are shaking, and are overcome by his sharp words.
26:12By his power the sea was made quiet; and by his wisdom Rahab was wounded.
26:13By his wind the heavens become bright: by his hand the quickly moving snake was cut through.
26:14See, these are only the outskirts of his ways; and how small is that which comes to our ears about him! But the thunder of his acts of power is outside all knowledge.