22:1Then Eliphaz the Temanite made answer and said,
22:2Is it possible for a man to be of profit to God? No, for a man's wisdom is only of profit to himself.
22:3Is it of any interest to the Ruler of all that you are upright? or is it of use to him that your ways are without sin?
22:4Is it because you give him honour that he is sending punishment on you and is judging you?
22:5Is not your evil-doing great? and there is no end to your sins.
22:6For you have taken your brother's goods when he was not in your debt, and have taken away the clothing of those who have need of it.
22:7You do not give water to the tired traveller, and from him who has no food you keep back bread.
22:8For it was the man with power who had the land, and the man with an honoured name who was living in it.
22:9You have sent widows away without hearing their cause, and you have taken away the support of the child who has no father.
22:10For this cause nets are round your feet, and you are overcome with sudden fear.
22:11Your light is made dark so that you are unable to see, and you are covered by a mass of waters.
22:12Is not God as high as heaven? and see the stars, how high they are!
22:13And you say, What knowledge has God? is he able to give decisions through the deep dark?
22:14Thick clouds are covering him, so that he is unable to see; and he is walking on the arch of heaven.
22:15Will you keep the old way by which evil men went?
22:16Who were violently taken away before their time, who were overcome by the rush of waters:
22:17Who said to God, Go away from us; and, What is the Ruler of all able to do to us?
22:18Though he made their houses full of good things: but the purpose of the evil-doers is far from me!
22:19The upright saw it and were glad: and those who had done no wrong made sport of them,
22:20Saying, Truly, their substance is cut off, and their wealth is food for the fire.
22:21Put yourself now in a right relation with him and be at peace: so will you do well in your undertakings.
22:22Be pleased to take teaching from his mouth, and let his words be stored up in your heart.
22:23If you come back to the Ruler of all, making yourself low before him; if you put evil far away from your tents;
22:24And put your gold in the dust, even your gold of Ophir among the rocks of the valleys;
22:25Then the Ruler of all will be your gold, and his teaching will be your silver;
22:26For then you will have delight in the Ruler of all, and your face will be lifted up to God.
22:27You will make your prayer to him, and be answered; and you will give effect to your oaths.
22:28Your purposes will come about, and light will be shining on your ways.
22:29For God makes low those whose hearts are lifted up, but he is a saviour to the poor in spirit.
22:30He makes safe the man who is free from sin, and if your hands are clean, salvation will be yours.